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Oh hi LJ, what's going on?
Ahem, I should probably use this more often too! It's been a while, although I still check this place every day and it doesn't like everyone else is updating as frequently...

Let's see, I turned 20 a couple weeks ago and honestly I'm no sure if I like it. On one hand, there's the instant cool factor of YOU'RE 20 YOUR AGE DOESN'T START WITH 1 ANYMORE but then you realize that YOU'RE 20 and people are probably going to start expecting a lot more from you because YOU'RE NOT A TEEN ANYMORE GET OUTTA MY HOUSE AND GET A JOB. And honestly I have nothing whatsoever to offer my parents at the moment, other than college, and I still have no clue of what I'm going to do once I graduate, so... yeah. Eek. And it feels kind of weird, ya know? Like sometimes I even feel like I can't do immature things around the house BECAUSE 20 and honestly it's kind of depressing!

Aaaand that's about it I guess. As usual, nothing particularly exciting has happened on my end. Just been wanting to get that out for a while. Hope you guys are all doing better than I am!

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